Inclusive, step by step

With our experience and atmosphere of co-creation, we are able to collaborate with you step by step to produce the perfect piece for you. And with our on-site design and manufacturing capabilities we can deliver the design of your dreams from concept to creation together before your eyes.

Step One: Creativity

Listen for an intimate understanding of what is to be created and align on the vision. This includes a sense of metals, diamond qualities, gemstones, and/or hand engravings.

Step Two : Design

Input into CAD (computer aided design) program. This program allows our designers to initiate and refine concepts, bring any idea to life within the efficiency of the virtual environment.

Step Three: Modeling

Initiate the process with a 3D printed prototype. Exact fit wedding bands benefit greatly from this step. Other modeling capabilities include hand carved wax models and using our Revo Mill.

Step Four: Manufacture

Once the computer design process is complete construction is done by hand. We are able to manufacture the piece on-site with the highest regard to craftsmanship and quality control.