What You Need to Know About Custom Engagement Rings

What You Need to Know About Custom Engagement Rings

It’s one of the biggest questions you’ll answer before you buy the perfect engagement ring for the love of your life: Should I design a custom engagement ring?

While many jewelers offer a large collection of rings for you to choose from at their storefront, creating a custom ring helps you reflect your personal style within the design of the ring itself: making a ring that fits perfectly in every way, instead of trying to find the perfect ring in an ocean of options.

If you’re on the fence about designing a custom ring, we’ve asked one of our experts here at Diamonds Rock to shed some light on the process and what you’ll need to keep in mind. 

Advice from the Professionals at Diamonds Rock

When making a custom engagement ring, what are the first steps customers should make and why? Any pointers?

First and foremost, I always tell my customers to find their own style. Yes, there are certain trends that are popular during certain years, but that doesn’t necessarily mean every customer will be drawn to those styles. You are unique, and your engagement ring should reflect that!  When coming in for the first time, I will have customers try on NUMEROUS rings. From there, they can pick and choose what pieces they like. Sometimes, customers come in with multiple images and piece together their perfect ring using those images. And, sometimes, a design is brought to us that the customer created themselves to surprise their future spouse. Everyone’s path is different, but it is important to make it your own!

What is the most important thing your customers should keep in mind while going through the custom ring process with Diamonds Rock?

Custom design means just that, a one of a kind custom piece that is unique to you and only you. We use state of the art technology (CAD/CAM: Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing) to design your ring and then mix it with old world craftsmanship to set and finish your ring. If you dream it, we can make it. And, more importantly, this process does not come with an outrageous price tag or timeline. Because we are the designer and manufacturer of all of our pieces, we set our own prices and have quicker turnaround times.  

How involved should customers expect to be in this process?

The great thing about this is that they can be as involved or “uninvolved” as they wish. We have had customers show up with a picture of a ring they want, and then we designed that ring for their specific center diamond and finger size without any extra “work” from our customer. Sometimes, we have customers who want to come in and view the CAD images (realistic images of our design from multiple angles) and then view the 3D wax we print for our wax printer. Changes and tweaks to the design can be made throughout the process until we cast the wax, giving the customer multiple points to check in on the design and see our progress. We will NEVER make a design our customer is unaware of or unhappy with.

How long should everyone expect the custom ring process to take?

At Diamonds Rock, our process takes 10 business days to complete upon approval of the design. As we said previously, some customers are very involved in the design process and want to take their time, while others pretty much say “go” once the estimate is approved. We have definitely gotten jobs done quicker than the 10 business day mark, especially if there is a special date our customer has in mind! We will go above and beyond to make our customers happy and satisfied!

What is your favorite part of the custom design process?

Personally, my favorite part is when my customer actually sees the final product in person. I especially love it when it exceeds their expectations! Nothing beats seeing their face light up and the excitement just radiate off of them. I know, this sounds obvious, but a lot of work goes on behind the scenes to make this their reality and it is definitely an amazing pay off!

What has been your favorite experience with a custom design customer and why?

The theme throughout custom design is that it is personal to all parties involved. So, when I look back on all of the jobs that I have completed for my customers (which reaches the thousands) my favorite is personal as well. My brother came to me last year (he also works for the family business) and said he was ready to propose and wanted to design his girlfriend’s ring. I was beyond excited. We shared design ideas and tweaked the design a couple of times until it was absolutely perfect, then brought that ring to life for his future bride. Come proposal day, there were huge smiles and tears, and was a wonderful ending to such a fun experience.

In your expert opinion, what is the biggest pitfall in the custom jewelry process and how does Diamonds Rock solve that problem? How do you stay ahead of the curve?

This cannot be expressed enough. We are a manufacturer and you literally shop in our factory. Most retail stores have to outsource the design and manufacturing of a custom piece, in order to take it through the entire custom process. We design, manufacture, and control the quality of the final piece—and therefore we completely control the price.

Creating Custom Engagement Rings at Diamonds Rock

Finding the perfect engagement ring comes down to finding the ring that fits your style and taste, but more importantly your relationship and story. This is no easy task, and can be overwhelming. This is also why you must go to a jeweler you can trust: a team of professionals who won’t push you to buy, but will rather show you your options and work with you to figure out the best style for your budget. Finding the right jeweler is just as important as finding the right ring.

Your shopping experience should be like talking to a trusted friend, and your jewelry company should make you feel comfortable: to make that life changing purchase with complete confidence. At Diamonds Rock, we pride ourselves on providing the atmosphere and the team that will treat you like our own family. We’ll be right by your side to help you decide if we already have the right ring for you, or how we can make that ring come to life using your budget to create a custom engagement ring that will be treasured for years to come. Not sure about the custom process or want to talk to one of our custom design experts about your engagement ring? Come pay us a visit and we’ll make sure that you get exactly what you’ve been dreaming of.