Diamond Stud Earrings: Shaping a Memory that Lasts a Lifetime

Diamond Stud Earrings: Shaping a Memory that Lasts a Lifetime

White Gold Diamond Stud Earrings

White Gold Diamond Stud EarringsWhich pair of earrings brings back your fondest memories?

For many young girls, diamond stud earrings are often the first pair of earrings they receive. Aside from the immediate joy that came in owning a pair of beautiful, finely cut diamonds for the first time, they also provided many of us with one of our earliest – most cherished – experiences with jewelry. Today, you may even look upon new pairs of stud earrings with a certain fondness as you reconnect with your early memories.

Whether due to their iconic nature or their everyday versatility, diamond stud earrings are one of the most popular gifts that we have helped women and men find at Diamonds Rock. We are delighted to share our recommendations so you can find your ideal pair of diamond stud earrings, too.

Selecting a Diamond: Cut, Color, Clarity and Size

Consider the cut. A diamond’s cut makes the most significant difference when it comes to its appearance and so it’s one of the first considerations we always make sure to discuss. The diamond’s cuts are what determine its shine. A stone that is cut well provides a brilliant display of light through its top, whereas a poorly cut one will “leaks” light from the bottom.

Aside from its ability to reflect light, you will also need to consider the shape of your stone. While it’s completely fashionable to wear a stud earring in only one ear, if a pair of earrings is more appropriate for your personal style, you will need to select a pair of diamonds that are proportional.  This is why round or square shaped stones are often a popular choice for this type of earring. Depending on your style, however, you may even opt for a unique shape such as a heart shaped diamond which has grown in popularity over recent years. Marquise and pear shapes tend to be more difficult to match and consequently less popular options.

Finally, when it comes to selecting diamonds for your earrings, be wary of stones labeled as “diamond cut”. Often, “diamond cut” does not mean the stone is an actual diamond but instead a stone that is cut to closely resemble one.

Consider the color and clarity. While everyone can agree on the importance of having a diamond that truly sparkles, color is primarily a matter of preference.  Colorless diamonds, or diamonds with a D-F grade, are a popular choice due to their purity, rarity, and significantly higher demand. Compare these to the increasingly yellow appearance of a grade K-Z diamond, and the reason for this becomes more obvious. But, while colorless diamonds remain a popular choice for stud earrings, they are by no means the only ones available to you.

Part of the pleasure in owning one, or several, pairs of diamond stud earrings is being able to match your jewelry to your occasion. Since diamonds are available in a full range of colors and hues, you are only limited by your imagination in finding the one that is best suited for your style. Also keep in mind that the color of a diamond does not affect its brightness or sparkle which is all the more reason to explore the many options that are available to you.

And while color is an obvious consideration, you will also need to consider the clarity of your diamond. Unlike a wedding ring that people often like to see up close, the demands for clarity are slightly more lenient when it comes to earrings. These are frequently seen from a distance of 10 inches or more and so you may find the best value in selecting a diamond that is “eye clean”, meaning that flaws are not visible to the naked eye. These types of diamonds have a grade of SI2 or above.

Consider the carat size. If you recall your first pair of stud earrings as a young child, you likely recall a small carat size that was suited for your sensitive earlobes. Today, a carat size ranging from 0.10 carats to 2.5 carats is what most of us would be looking for.

Also keep in mind that as the size of your stone increases, so does the number of flaws that is capable of exhibiting. An imperfection that may not be visible on a smaller stone may be more readily apparent on a larger one.

Select a Setting: Metal and Setting

All diamond stud earrings consist of two elements: The diamond centerpiece and a metal setting. These two elements together are what ultimately determine the style of your piece. For many of us, this means that selecting a metal and a style for your setting can also be a lot of fun.

Consider the metal. When it comes to metal, 14 to 18 karat yellow gold is perhaps one of the most popular choices for diamond stud earrings. Just like with diamonds, however, you have many choices. Aside from being a better complement to the natural brilliance of a finely cut diamond, platinum and white gold settings are less frequently chosen and therefore offer a more unique look. If you are looking for a pair of earrings that will stand out from the rest – these metals will provide just that! If you are set on gold, however, be sure to choose one that is 18 karats or less. While the thought of owning a purer gold may seem pleasant, the purer the gold, the more easily it wears after daily use. 14 to 18 karat gold provides a satisfying balance between quality, appearance, and longevity.

Consider the setting. Four-prong and three-prong settings are the most popular setting choices for holding diamonds in place. While four-prong diamond studs naturally compliment diamonds featuring many bold angles, such as a diamond with Asscher or princess cuts, three-prong diamonds detract less attention from your diamonds and therefore provide more focus on their sparkle.

Find Your Diamond Earrings at Diamonds Rock

While their versatility for casual, semi-formal, and formal settings lead diamond stud earrings to be a truly exceptional piece of jewelry in their own right, they often hold an additional level of significance to their wearer. Diamond stud earrings are one of the most customizable pieces of jewelry that are available and so careful consideration and attention to detail goes into crafting a piece that accurately reflects the personality and style of the wearer.

At Diamonds Rock, we recognize that a pair of diamond stud earrings is a unique piece of jewelry like no other. Each time we help a customer tailor a piece, we know we’re helping them with more than just a piece of jewelry – we’re helping them tailor an experience that they can keep for a lifetime.

At Diamonds Rock, we not only offer an extensive showroom featuring hundreds of one-of-a-kind jewelry, but our no-pressure atmosphere and generations of knowledge will help you have an easy and satisfying experience. Whether you’re searching for a gift for someone you love or simply fulfilling your own wish list, we invite you to visit us. We will help you find the exact, custom pair of earrings that you are looking for!