Football Saturdays At Diamonds Rock

Football Saturdays At Diamonds Rock

Diamonds Rock Lounge

Diamonds Rock Lounge Diamonds Rock Jewelery

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times. We aren’t your typical jewelry store. At Diamonds Rock we firmly believe that buying a piece of jewelry shouldn’t be a stressful experience. Instead we believe in giving you a more relaxed, enjoyable – and ultimately – rewarding jewelry buying experience. That’s why we are introducing something really exciting we are calling “Football Saturdays At Diamonds Rock”.

Introducing: Football Saturdays

We really wanted to take advantage of our one-of-a-kind lounge and what better way to do it than by playing all of the biggest College Football games all day?! Our two big screen TV’s will be tuned in to your favorite teams and games all day long. By the way, wearing your school colors is strongly encouraged! The best part about this whole thing is that we’ll have beer, wine, and delicious game day snacks available for anyone who wants to come hang out with us! Where else are you able to browse beautiful jewelry, watch your favorite college teams, AND crack open a beer or bottle of wine all at the same time?

Watch, Drink, Eat, Browse, Be Happy

If you really want to take advantage of everything that we have to offer you can sign up for our newsletter here which will get you a $50 off deal on any product or service in our store. So that means you could come in and watch some of the game with a drink in hand all while waiting on your ring to get cleaned. Or maybe you’ve been wanting to get your white gold ring re-plated, we can do that too! Just looking for a new pair of earrings? Our selection will simply amaze you. This can all be done while you watch so you and your spouse don’t miss a moment of the game. Remember though, if you’d like to take advantage of the $50 off you’ll need to sign up for our newsletter. It’s great because you’ll also receive special deals just like this one in the future!

Also – check out our new program we’re calling “Wish List”. It’s simply the best way to ensure you get the perfect piece of jewelry every time at a lower price. For information on the program please visit this link, or find it in the above navigation under “About Us”

So, come on out, prop your feet up, watch some college football and start adding items to your Wish List. We think that makes for one heck of a Saturday afternoon if we don’t say so ourselves. See you Saturday!