Holiday Gift Buying Guide: Women’s Jewelry

Holiday Gift Buying Guide: Women’s Jewelry

“I am not sure what to get her that she will like”

“I am afraid she would never wear it”

“I really want to get her a piece that she can wear every day”

“What is a good staple piece of jewelry?”

These are just some of the questions/concerns we hear throughout the holiday gift buying season.  We are very sympathetic to these thoughts, because we know how important it is to purchase something that will put a huge smile on your special someone’s face for years to come!

There are several ‘categories’ that we automatically direct people towards when they have these questions. Whether she is traditional or trendy, any of these wonderful gifts will fit her personality.


Diamond Stud Earrings

These are great for everyday wear.  They are a classic, elegant look that almost any woman appreciates. Typically, diamond stud earrings are the first fine piece of jewelry given to a young girl/woman.


Two-Stone Rings

Symbolic for your true love and best friend, this piece will always hold a special place in her heart.  They come in all sizes and styles, making it perfect to match her unique style.  Two-stone rings can mark a special anniversary or milestone in your relationship.  These pieces can bring a woman to tears!


Gemstone Jewelry

Gemstone jewelry can be used to represent a birthday, birth of a child or add a great pop of color for a special event.  Along with diamond studs, gemstone pieces are a great first piece of fine jewelry, especially a birthstone ring/earring/pendant.


Solitaire Pendant

Pictured is an original to Diamonds Rock, designed and manufactured on site, this pendant is created to have perfectly calibrated diamonds set in a round shape to brilliantly shine together and look as if it were one diamond.  This piece is a Diamonds Rock favorite year round. We call it the “Holly Pendant”, named after the lovely wife of the owner and matriarch of the company.


Right Hand Fashion Rings

Pictured is one of this season’s biggest trends of crisscross and open-style fashion rings. You can wear them on any finger of any hand, but typically when customer’s ask what type of ring to get their ‘wife’ or ‘fiancé’ we know that these rings will be a great addition for their right hand!  Numerous customers also wear them on their middle and index fingers.  A woman can never have too many rings!


Dangle Earrings

If your special someone already has a pair of ‘stud’ or hoop earrings they wear, then it is time to move to the next stage of earrings, Dangles.  These earrings are great for nicer occasions such as: parties, date nights, concerts, weddings and the list could go on!  Do not worry if they will wear them ‘enough’, because every time they wear them they will be reminded of you and that is a lovely reminder to have.

You Have Options with Diamonds Rock

If you would like to see more options please come into our showroom this holiday season, where we have a staff that will personalize your shopping experience to help guide you to the perfect gift.  If these ideas already touch upon pieces your special someone has, do not worry!  Diamonds Rock has more where this came from in our extensive inventory, and we even have a custom design department.  We look forward to helping you find that perfect gift this holiday season!