A Guide to Perfect Anniversary Presents

A Guide to Perfect Anniversary Presents

Cushion Set with wedding band

Everyone is different, and everyone’s love story is different, but there’s one thing that rings true no matter who you love: anniversaries are a big deal. It’s a chance to look back on the beginning your relationship, revisit your commitments to each other, and create new promises together. In looking back on every first, your first date, your first kiss, your first steps in marriage, your first home, you reinforce the fact that your relationship is a priority.

But, no matter how many years have passed, there’s one thing about anniversaries that will probably never be easy.

“Ok, so…our anniversary is coming up. I want it to be big…but it can’t be over-the-top…but it needs to mean something.”

“Ok, so…what DO I get them?”

Anniversary Gift Ideas from Diamonds Rock

At Diamonds Rock, we have helped tons of customers find perfect anniversary presents for the person they love most in this world.  When you’re looking for something that will take their breath away, the key is to look to the details, and the details are all about your love story. Every thought you put into the gift will make that present perfect for your spouse. So let’s go through some options to get you started!

Our Go-To Anniversary Present Recommendations and Why:

Second Wedding Band

Cushion Set with wedding bandgender neutral wedding bandsgender neutral wedding band

There’s something inherently beautiful about getting a second ring to add to the original wedding set. Getting that second band brings everything back to that moment where your love and commitment was brought to life in the rings you gave each other. Adding the second band can reaffirm and reestablish that love in a new light: that after everything you’ve both been through, good and bad and better and worse, you are still certain that the promise you made to each other all that time ago was the right decision and you’re more than ready to continue that promise for years to come. 

Stackable Bands

Stackables are timeless and versatile. They’re a great gift idea for not only anniversaries but honestly any milestone: birthdays, travels, big achievements, etc. There are numerous variations in styles, metal color, gemstones, diamonds, and price points for stackable bands, so you are given the freedom to get creative with these. And the creativity doesn’t stop with the purpose of your gift, these bands can stand alone, stack with your love’s wedding set, or stack all by themselves. Eventually, you’ll have a set of bands that each represents a special memory that will last a lifetime, just like the jewelry itself.

White Diamond Bands

wideband anniversary present

Typically, these bands are worn only your right hand simultaneously with your wedding set OR on your wedding finger in replacement of your wedding set. These are typically given for a major anniversary or milestone in your relationship. You can go for the more classic diamond loose, or you can add more detail such as engraving or filigree to accent the ring with your own personal style. Getting a white diamond band for one of your major anniversaries is a good way to revive the spirit of your wedding day, and give your love an upgrade (because there’s never a bad reason to turn up the sparkle).

anniversary diamond band

Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond stud earrings are a MUST for anniversaries! Typically, a solid pair of earrings is one of the first pieces added to your jewelry collection. What’s more is that stud earrings are a perfect gift to upgrade over the years. These earrings are a thoughtful gift because they are versatile. They’ll add a little sparkle to any outfit from work to date night to concerts and just because she wants to.

Other Recommendations:

For those who have either already gifted the above or if you’re looking for something a little different, there are always other options to consider.

Going Custom and Keeping “You” in Your Anniversary Gifts

Whether you have a major anniversary coming up or you just really want to wow them this year, custom designed jewelry is the answer. When you go custom, you are given the opportunity to not only create something timeless and designed to meet your every expectation, but you are also making something that is created based purely on sentiment, thought and love.

Going custom has never been easier at Diamonds Rock. Our shop is located onsite, so you can do everything under one roof, from looking at options, to going through the initial design, to the approvals, to the manufacturing. We have a step by step process that allows you to be as involved or as uninvolved as you’d like. We make sure that no detail is forgotten. We go through all of your financing options thoroughly. And, from the moment of design approval, the finished piece is in your hands within 10 business days (or sooner if you need it).

If you’re looking to make this anniversary extra special check out our custom design page, and visit our store to talk through anything and everything you need.

Visit Us to Find Anniversary Gifts that Sparkle

No matter what options you’re looking into, or the gift you end up choosing, the bottom line is this: you know your spouse. You know what they like, you know your story, and you know how far you’ve come together. So, when you consider what to get for your anniversary all you really need to do is take a deep breath, look through your options, and never forget that there’s always someone out there who has your back.

At Diamonds Rock, we take love seriously. No matter what your occasion, we believe there is something out there that will make that moment special. Come visit our store, and one of our team members will walk you through your options and make sure this anniversary is one you’ll remember forever.