When product is purchased from Diamonds Rock, that piece(s) has a warranty for life, that goes above and beyond what the standard jewelry store can do.

Cleaning, Polishing & Plating

Cleaning, polishing and rhodium plating should be done 2x per year and can be up to $100. That’s as much as $200/year or $3,000 over 15 years. We offer these services for free for life.

Ring Sizing & Bracelet Fitting

Most stores will give you one free sizing at the time of purchase then charge potentially hundreds of dollars for future adjustments. We offer free, unlimited ring sizing, chain and bracelet shortenings for the lifetime of the piece.

Stone Setting Repair

Wear and tear happens, that means occasionally gems or diamonds can come out. We replace any stones (up to 1/5ct excluding center) for free. Many jewelers price these services starting at $80.

On-Site Factory

Our on-site factory provides a huge benefit for repair work and custom designed jewelry. We can do major repairs within just a few days and often on the same day.