The perfect pairings

Like peas and carrots, wedding bands should fit with engagement rings like they were made together. Nesting as one statement, they represent the commitment and bond loved ones share together as a couple. The result is a sum greater than its parts. Women's, Men's, matching, and custom wedding rings are all available at Diamonds Rock.

We do not note pricing for wedding bands on our website, because our inventory changes regularly, and some pieces on the website are custom-made. Please Contact Us if a particular piece catches your eye or you have a custom idea in mind, and we’re happy to answer any pricing questions you may have.

Wedding Band Styles

Channel Set: In a Channel Set, the diamonds are secured between two strands of precious metal (typically gold or platinum). Each stone is securely set in the tiny groves on either side of the channel. Typically, princess cut diamonds or round brilliant cut diamonds will be set in the mountings. Emerald cut diamonds are a great alternative because these stones sit slush against one another and have a bright, big flash. This style bad is a very classic, traditional style.

Curved: This band has a slight curve in the middle to ;it around any ‘bump’ that might occur from the center stone setting sticking out further than the band of the ring. This style eliminates any ‘space’ between the engagement ring and the wedding band.

Gents/Men's: Gent’s bands most common widths are 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm. They range from a simple, high polish finish to a hand engraved specialty design, some designs even include diamonds. For a low-­‐maintenance design, a simple brush finish is ideal, every day wear and tear becomes extremely difficult to see. Bands can be machined finish, which creates a deep patter and they are typically cut to the customer’s finger size. Gent’s bands can be casted in gold or platinum.

Inserts and Wraps: A Wrap is a style of band that is typically paired with a solitaire ring, it has an opening in the center of the band where the center stone fits nicely, while a band with diamonds sits nicely on top of the engagement ring band. This band dresses up the once ‘simple’ engagement ring and acts like a wedding band without the need to purchase a new piece. An Insert is essentially two bands that are joined by two bars at of the bottom of the bands, creating a space that the engagement ring fits into. These inserts create a very decorative look, without the worry of the piece turning around their finger since the bands are already attached together.

Shared Prong: This band style has diamonds lined up next to each other, very closely so when set they actually share prongs. This style setting shows off the brightness of the diamonds very well, as that is the only thing showcased on the band. This style has rapidly become one of the more popular style bands sold, adding just a bit of sparkle and class.

Stackables: These are a great choice for those who want to choose several bands that are not the exact same style to ‘stack’ with their engagement ring. Metals, setting styles, and stone colors can all be mixed and matched up to create a highly customized look.

Channel Set




Shared Prong