The sound of affection

Starting at $200

Whether it's a gift to mark a milestone in life or just to celebrate life, diamond earrings are a guaranteed way to know she will hear you when you say "I love you!"

Diamond Earring Styles

Drop Earrings: Elegant, glitzy, and feminine are all words to describe these shimmering pieces. The design of the drop earrings can lend itself to a wide variety of creative combinations by using mixed metals, diamonds, gemstones, and setting styles. These pieces are perfect for a glamorous night out or for daily wear.

Fashion: Fashion earrings can be all encompassing including stud earrings and drop earrings. They are meant to make a statement and show off personalities big and small.

Gemstone: Full of color and spunk, these earrings can add the perfect amount of color for anyone’s style. Whether it is a classic stud gemstone or elaborate fashion gemstone piece, these category has it all.

Hoops: One of the more ‘classic’, ‘everyday wear’ piece. Hoops can simply have diamonds on the front of the hoops, or it can have a twist, diamonds on the front and back, or a combination of the two.

Studs: Stud earrings are the most classic of all the styles. The simplicity and elegance makes for a classic everyday style, with the added romance behind it. Typically, this Is the first piece of fine jewelry purchased to start a jewelry collection. And, is typically upgraded throughout the years.