Close to her heart

Starting at $200

The only thing closer to her heart than you is the precious pendant that she wears around her neck. Like an exclamation point on the beauty that you love, a dazzling pendant from Diamonds Rock will keep the warm glow shining bright for years to come.

Diamond Necklace Styles

Classic: These are classic pieces that one can wear every day, day in and day out. The piece will never go out of style. When searching for the perfect gift, you have to ask if they have a solitaire, cluster, or standard pendant they wear every day. If not, this is the perfect go to!

Crosses: Crosses can be simple, plain pieces or very elaborate, large pieces and everything in between. Sideways crosses (set sideways on the body) have become a fairly popular cross design over the years.

Fashion: These pendants are for the fashionistas that are not afraid to travel outside of the box. They are a mixture of contemporary, antique, and modern styles.

Gemstone: Gemstone pendants can add a pop of color and style, all while representing a color/ gem that is personally significant. In some cases these gemstones can represent the month someone was born, whether it be the person wearing the pendant, their child, or partner.

Hearts: The heart is a universal symbol of love. These pieces can symbolize a special person, event, or special memory their life. They are heartfelt gifts/ pieces that will be cherished forever.