Cherished symbols of love

The styles offered within the bridal category are as varied as the women's taste who wear them. At Diamonds Rock, we tailor the style to the match the unique attitudes and idea's of each individual. With design categories covering the spectrum from timeless classic solitaire sets to the most glamorous, modern selections that combine multiple stones together, your engagement ring choices are limited only by your imagination.

We do not note pricing for engagement rings on our website, because our inventory changes regularly, and some pieces on the website are custom-made. Please Contact Us if a particular piece catches your eye or you have a custom idea in mind, and we’re happy to answer any pricing questions you may have.

Engagement Ring Styles

Classic: A classic setting is meant to be timeless, typically free from much distraction while it showcases the center stone. Worn as a solitaire setting, the center stone is the only feature on the ring, which is set on an un-embelished metal band.

Antique: The wearer of this pieces loves the romance beyond the vintage style pieces. These settings having beautiful milgraining (beading), filigree, scrollwork patterns, unique galleries, and a thinner/ petite look to go with it. There are all types of styles associated with the antique style ring category, but the story is always in the details.

Gemstone: If you want to add a little color to the piece, gemstones are the best way to go. Typically, they are used as side stones to give the ring a 'pop' of color. Blue Sapphire is the most commonly used gemstone in a wedding set, it has a royal color and works very well with diamonds and white gold/ platinum.

Glamorous: If the wearer wants to make a statement and have their ring dazzle, they might love a ring that the diamond sits up a bit higher, or one that has more of a diamond-pave look on the sides. Any detail that adds a more glamorous, overall larger look will apply. These rings could also feature two different metal colors, larger side stones, and halos around the center stone.

Halo: The halo style has quickly become one of, if not the most, popular style sold. A halo is referring to diamonds that go around the center stone, typically highlighting the shape of the diamond. This style adds sparkle around the center and at the same time can make the center stone appear larger.

Three-Stone: The three-stone style represents the "past, present, and future" of your relationship. It also is one of the most classic styles. Typically set it round diamonds, the side stones being slightly smaller than the center stone to show a bright, big future ahead of you

Custom: If none of the above styles match exactly what you're looking for, you'd like to blend styles, or you want to create something very unique and special, consider a custom designed engagement ring. Learn more about our Custom Jewelry Design and explore our lookbook.